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      Our service

       * Car rental service contract system for short-term (daily -weekly - monthly) and without driver

        * Leasing service system, the contracts are long-term (year or more)

        * Provide all car models of the masters of all our customers brands and categories

      * The possibility of covering all of the conferences with the latest cars and at the highest level

      * Provide private security guards for VIPs fully equipped (Bodyguard)

      * Provide comprehensive insurance and insurance against third parties and ensuring passengers

      * Our on the road stretching over 24 hours to cover the whole of Egypt

      * Unique company provides all technical advice and technical when choosing the form of contract for leasing, service and through our time-honored variety of customer needs

         * Our company will provide all the facilities available, as well as the masters of customers to ensure good service before and during the leasing

      * Our services include customers from the moment of arrival and departure at affordable prices even at the highest level
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