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     Leaders limousine

    Company Leaders limousine is an Egyptian company distinctive in car rental and limousine driver, and without all of the categories and the latest models and also the company provides private security guards (Bodhi Guard) and has always sought to serve the customer the highest quality of service where the company started practicing its activity since 1994
    Started the company in the local market to provide services to individuals, corporations and important political figures and Arab princes, and the public by providing the best flexible leasing solutions. Leaders provide their customers repair and maintenance expenses through the lease, which gives them advantages of an integrated open and counters, including insurance and a car replacement in case of accidents and facilities when you hire a large number of cars of the company and there is a service roadside assistance in emergencies

      Our service

       * Car rental service contract system for short-term (daily -weekly - monthly) and without driver
        * Leasing service system, the contracts are long-term (year or more)
        * Provide all car models of the masters of all our customers brands and categories
      * The possibility of covering all of the conferences with the latest cars and at the highest level
      * Provide private security guards for VIPs fully equipped (Bodyguard)
      * Provide comprehensive insurance and insurance against third parties and ensuring passengers
      * Our on the road stretching over 24 hours to cover the whole of Egypt
      * Unique company provides all technical advice and technical when choosing the form of contract for leasing, service and through our time-honored variety of customer needs
         * Our company will provide all the facilities available, as well as the masters of customers to ensure good service before and during the leasing
      * Our services include customers from the moment of arrival and departure at affordable prices even at the highest level
    With Leaders
    * The closest to find us, wherever you are
    * Travel fun
    * You move the well-being
    * Do not take the trouble to travel
    * Provide all the facilities in terms of the contract to ensure the success of the service to the fullest without difficulties
    * Punctual and work inside the company increased the confidence of our clients
    * Provide all the guarantees
    * Cars equipped with all the extras
    * We will find what suits you best
    * Fully prepared for conferences, concerts, exhibitions and openings
    * Drivers and higher qualifications, familiar landmarks and tourist roads
    * Tissra different payment methods to our customers   
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